Commercial premises, Galati

6.672m2 | 2.700.000€

Sale details

Property type: Spațiu de birouri
County: Galați
City: Galați
Address: STR.BRAILEI, NR.41
Built area space: 1.394m2
Developed property area: 7.644m2
Total usable area: 6.672m2
Field area: 4.779m2
Sale method: Licitație cu ofertă în plic închis
Property code: 2741


Commercial building, composed of the construction C1 - main body with height regime Ug + G + 6F + Winch with a built area of 542 sqm, C2 - Connecting body with height regime G + 3F with built surface of 176 sqm, C3 - Old power plant with height regime Ug + G + 3F with a built-up area of 569 sqm and C4 - Garages with a built-up area of 107 sqm. The building is located in the central area of Galati Municipality, near the Galati Court and benefits from the utilities of the area. 

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